Work History

Bang Innovative Group
Bang Innovative Group primarily specializes in the development of websites for medium to large sized businesses.

- Creative Producer

Clear Trust Mortgages Inc.
- web site

West Care Medical Ltd.
- web site

KMO Public Health Inc.
- web site

Peter Letko
- web site

- web site
- print material
3 Kings Innovative
3 Kings Innovative is a full service solutions-based company that provides design, development, programming and deployment services to empower businesses, brands and individuals to provide an end to end solution for their business. They create applications and website for both the desktop and mobile devices to provide interactive content to directly engage their target audience.

- Direction & Visual Designer (2011+)

ClearTrust Mortgages Inc.
- web site

Sharen Dhami
- project in alpha, confidential until made public

- web site
- print material
Olivon Manufacturing Group
They're a trading company that buy and sells optical equipment. They primarily operate out of Canada and Sweden, with distributors all around the world.

My primary responsibility was to oversee the development and maintenance of their websites. I also designed and created their printed material. Occasionally, I did product photography for them.

As a freelancer, I continued to maintain their websites and occasionally updated their printed material, mainly for their attendance at ShotShow.

- In-House Designer (2005 to 2011)
- Freelance Designer (2013 to 2020)
The Little Web Company
A full-service marketing and web development house that specializes in design, CMS & Online marketing.
My responsibilities were limited to implementing clientel's basic design needs into existing Wordpress themes and also provide content conceptualization and design.  I had the fortune of working with Brent Stait in creating his blogging site with an introduction to his acting studio and a gallery of his work.

- Wordpress Theme Builder (2010)

Konichiwa Sushi & Bar
- web site

Brent Stait (actor)
- web site

- web site: (wordpress integration and configuration)

Amoph Technologies
Amoph was founded in 2008 by a small group of experienced software developers. With over 15 years of experience creating award winning software, they primarily created products for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

I designed and created the graphical user interface and other graphic items for two of their Apple-store products.

Consultant & Designer (2008 to 2009)

- mobile: graphics and design of BugHunt game for the iPhone
- mobile: graphics and design of SnowScapes, an interactive greeting card application for the iPhone
Razor Technology Inc.
Razor Technology Inc. was an interactive advertising agency that uses cutting edge technology to help brands reach out and interact with their target consumers. Razor specialized in mobile marketing through converging media and marketing campaigns that extended from the web to mobile and beyond.

Initially, I joined their team as a contracted agent, which later turned into a full-time position.  I was responsible for designing all of their printed and interactive media. The company also worked with other name brands in which I had the opportunity to receive hands-on experience in designing and producing GUI's for a number of Java-based mobile applications, one of which was for Nintendo's Metroid Prime for the Wii system.  I was also responsible for basic video edits of various music, gaming and corporate videos, then converted into mobile-ready 3GP's to be delivered through the FireTonic™ system.

- Consultant & Designer (2003-2005)
- Senior Creative Designer (2005-2008)
- Partner (2007-2009)

Absolute Heaven Bed & Breakfast
- logo design
- business cards

Bardel Entertainment
- mobile: video compilation (Zeke's Pad)

Dairy Queen (franchise: Denman St, Cambie Rd)
- animated Flash web site headers
- various print promotions
- mobile and print coupons

Hothead Games
- mobile: video compilation (Swarm)

Masia One
- mobile: video compilation (Split Second Time, Return of the B-Girl)

Microsoft / 7 Group
- mobile: video compilation

mod7 Communications
- mobile: video compilation

Nerds Corps Entertainment
- mobile: video compilation (Storm Hawks)

- mobile: video compilation (Metroid 3 Prime)
- mobile: user interface for Metroid 3 Prime promotional application

Playful Entertainment
- mobile: video compilation (Ticket to Ride)

Rain Dragon Productions
- mobile: video compilation (The Messenger)

Ultra Action Toys
- web site: online storefront, blog, photo gallery

Vancouver International Digital Festival
- mobile: video compilation
- mobile: user interface for VIDFest promotional application

- web site: introducing the FireTonic™ system using a Flash-driven interface
- mobile: user interface for the FireTonic™ promotional application
- video: demonstrational video on how to use the BlueTooth node with the FireTonic™ system
- print: promotional material including posters, pamphlets, spec sheets

- web site: corporate, studio, FireTonic™
- print: business cards, letterheads, posters, spec sheets, guides, manuals
- mobile: interfaces and graphics for various applications

Carolyn Stern & Associates
Carolyn acts as a Virtual Marketing Director, working with her clients to analyze their current marketing approach, develop a fresh, insightful marketing and branding program, and create powerful collateral materials. Then, she ties it all together with lively, effective sales training that’s proven to inspire.

Carolyn and I have worked together on various projects including a few referrals in which she was not involved with.

Consultant & Designer (2002-2008)

AWF Association of Women in Finance
- print: Sponsorship Packages for PEAK 2002 and 2003
- print: PEAK 2002 and 2003 posters, magazine and newspaper ads

Jim Pattison Trade Group
- print: Ad Campaign Package for their Fleetstreet Outdoor division

The Blue Monkey Baby Emporium
- logo design
- web site: information site, online storefront (2005 to 2008)
Loud Productions Inc.
An interactive media design studio I founded in 1998 until the end of 2000.

Creative Designer, Owner (1998-2000)

John Gillies
- video compilation
- web site

UFO Entertainment
- print: CD/DVD insert templates
- print: Sensation rave poster (Plaza of Nations)
- print: With Love rave postcards (Club Viva)

- video: promotional 3D animations
- web site
- print: various advertisements