Name: Leeman Cheng
Birth: January 1979 / Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Grace Hospital)
Started: mid 1999

Even before I finished high school, I knew art and design was my thing.  I started off with creating visionary artwork about what I thought the future would look like using programs such as 3D Studio Max and Bryce, then sold off large format printed and framed artwork to whoever appreciated my visions.  Then later, I was introduced to the idea of starting up my own studio.

In 1999, I was the founder of Loud Productions Inc. which serviced primarily interactive web media. My team managed sales, development, sound tech and illustrations. In 2002, I worked with Carolyn Stern designed and produced an information package for Jim Pattison Trade Group and two sponsorship packages for the AWF Association of Women in Finance. In May 2004, I completed my diploma through Sessions College for Professional Design. Since then, I've worked with a myriad of entities as a Creative Designer, often times having overlapping clients and employers. 

My profession:

I design and produce print and web media. I work optimally in a small team environment where each person has a specific role and not step on each other's toes. If I had a choice between a large firm and a small or a start-up company, I would prefer to work with the small or start-up company.  Helping a small organization build their foundation and expand in pace is something I enjoy doing and I find this much more rewarding than aiding an already established corporate entity. However, I am still available to work with larger organizations if the opportunity arises.

My key aspects:

  • a team player, works well in a small team environment
  • self-motivated and organized
  • a mix of conservative and contemporary design ideals
  • ability to multi-task and improvise to get the job done


  • 80WPM typing speed
  • fluent in English, some spoken Cantonese
  • working knowledge with PC's, some experience with Macs
  • working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, Dreamweaver CS3, Flash CS3 and Fireworks CS3
  • HTML/CSS, some knowledge with PHP, ability to set up a MySQL database through a content management system or manual import of existing SQL file
  • knowledge of implementing Javascripts into HTML files through a third-party royalty free scripting source
  • working knowledge of Wordpress and theme building
  • working knowledge of prepress (preparing media for print)
  • working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • experienced in web community site moderation
  • basic product photography with an SLR digital camera
  • photo editing and manipulation, basic video and audio editing
  • proof-reading in Canadian and American English, has editorial and blogging experience


What sparks a chain reaction of inspiration comes from a series of things that flow together.  Like an alchemist and the potions created for their varying effects, my inspiration for art and design comes from a dash of this and a pinch of that and so on and so forth.  However, the most consistent form of inspiration and a picker-upper comes from music.  Here are a few excellent tunes I've had the chance to experience and would love to share with you:

The Dream Team:

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different people.  However, there is a particular few that I work the best with and will continue to worth with them in my future endeavors.

Benny Au-Young - certified Project Manager, certified .NET developer
Benny has been in the development industry since the late 1980's.  I had the chance to work with Benny when we were working at Razor Technology from 2005 and 2008.  He is very personable who can be professional and maintain humor all-around.  Benny has been known to pull all-nighters just to get the work completed to meet milestones.  He is currently living in central Richmond with his wife and two children.
Marlon Cabilin - certified .NET developer
Marlon was the co-founder of Loud Productions Inc. in 1999.  He is one of the hardest working people I know.  He is someone who stays at the office for hours after-hours, just to see what he can do further to improve the product.  Currently, he lives in New Westminster with his wife and three children. 
Patrick Leung - lifestyle photographer
I have known and been friends with Patrick since 1987.  He originally pursued his career in kinesiology.  After doing that for a years, he decided to delve into photography.  He worked with RF Productions from 2009 to 2010 as a wedding photographer and went on to become a freelance lifestyle photographer.  He currently resides in central Richmond and has a passion for the great outdoors, specifically with tennis.